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The NCLEX is a nationally recognized examination required to become either a registered nurse (NCLEX-RN).

 The examinations are developed and maintained by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

State boards of nursing, which ultimately will issue or deny a candidates nursing license.

Consider the results of the NCLEX when deciding whether or not to issue a nursing license.

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National Council Licensure Examination

According to NCLEX’s Fact Sheet, in 2019, 83.51% of RN candidates for the NCLEX-RN were taking it for the first time.

For the NCLEX-PN, 85.3% of practical nurse candidates were first-timers. First time international educated candidates came from the Philippines.

India, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Nigeria and more. NCLEX Pass Rates The NCLEX pass rates in 2019, for all RN candidates.

Was 72.8%, with the highest pass rate for bachelor degree educated RNs. Practical nurse pass rate for the NCLEX was 73.71%.

Some universities boast high pass rates as a possible indication of the value of their program NCLEX-RN.

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Physiological Adaptation Management of Care Safety and Infection Control Health Promotion.

Maintenance Psychosocial Integrity Basic Care and Comfort Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies Reduction of Risk Potential.

Secondly, the NCLEX-RN questions can range from 75265 items. Fifteen of these are pretest items that are not scored.

Total time allotment for the NCLEXRN is six hours which includes the tutorial, sample items, and optional breaks. NCLEXPN.

Buy genuine nclex certificate online
Buy genuine nclex certificate online
It's composed of questions on:

Physiological Adaptation Coordinated Care Safety and Infection Control Health Promotion and Maintenance Psychosocial Integrity Basic Care and Comfort .

Pharmacological Therapies Reduction of Risk Potential NCLEX-PN must answer a minimum of 85 items out of 205 within the 5 hour allotted time. 

The time allotment includes tutorial, sample questions and all breaks. Have you taken the Nclex exams uncountable times and still didn’t make it?

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What does NCLEX stand for in Nursing category?

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All US state and boards of nursing require a passing result on the exam for licensure as a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

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