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GOETHE Certificate without Exam
GOETHE Certificate without Exam

GOETHE German Certificate for sale

Goethe Certificate A1: Start in Deutsch 1 and Fit in Deutsch 1. Corresponds to the A1 level of the Common European Framework (CEFR). 

It is the lowest level and attests to an elementary knowledge of the language. Goethe certificate.

A1: Fit in Deutsch 1 is a certificate developed from the Goethe-Institute for children and teens of age between 10 and 16 years. 

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Firstly, Goethe certificate A2: Start in Deutsch 2 and Fit in Deutsch 2. A2 level, demonstrate that one can communicate in a simple way.

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There are two exams: Goethe certificate A2: Fit in Deutsch 2 for young up to 16 years. Goethe certificate A2: Start Deutsch 2 for adults.

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Goethe Certificate C2: GDS (Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom). C2 level implies a very advanced knowledge. 

It corresponds to the highest level of the Common Reference Framework and allows admission to a German university. 

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Buy GOETHE Certificate Online
Buy GOETHE Certificate Online

Secondly, obtain goethe Certificate B1: B1 level demonstrates basic knowledge and autonomy in daily situations. 

It is requested in Germany as evidence of proficiency for public and private employment and for the acquisition of citizenship. 

Goethe certificate B2 and certificate Deutsch für den Beruf. B2 level attests a good knowledge: the B2 is accepted for admission to German studies.

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Thirdly, the exams of the Goethe-Institute are available to anyone interested, regardless of the exam candidate’s citizenship.

They are designed to demonstrate knowledge in German as a second language and/or as a foreign language. 

Furthermore, Goethe‐Institute certificates for Goethe A1‐C2 level examinations are valid indefinitely. 

Many institutions, however, require a certificate that is not more than two years old. 

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